Developing Best Practices for Creating an Authentic Learning Experience in an Online Learning Environment: Lessons Learned



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Online learning and the professionals that provide online instruction are under a myriad of pressures to adapt to emerging user needs and to be looking forward to new directions and approaches. Online instructors have moved from “Sage on a Stage,” attempting to duplicate regular, face-to-face instruction to “Meddler in the Middle,” facilitating interactive, technology- driven learning experiences. Librarians are the consummate “meddlers”, partnering with instructors to provide meaningful information literacy learning in the distributed learning environment. This chapter examines strategies used and lessons learned by a library at a mid-sized institution that has transformed from a traditional brick and mortar university to an active online academic community. The chapter discusses online learning tools and best practices for applying them to create an authentic learning experience for students in a distributed learning environment. Authors offer practical, in-the-trenches advice and reflections on their experiences and how they informed the development of best practices for providing library services in an online environment at Eastern Kentucky University Libraries. By offering their experiences, the authors hope to provide a framework for others to develop their own set of best practices for distributed learning.

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Distributed Learning: Pedagogy and Technology in Online Information Literacy Instruction