Incontinence Issues among Students with Disabilities

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Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

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Ms. Mitchyl is a special education teacher who focuses on including her students with intellectual, physical, and significant emotional disabilties in the general education classroom. One barrier to her focus on inclusionary practice is the issue of incontinence. For example, she knows that it would be beneficial for Jon, a fifth-grader with Down syndrome and incontinence issues, to be in reading class. She also knows that Jon is likely to havea bowel movement during that time, which often leads to other children making comments about Jon smelling bad. Additionally, there have been a few instances where his incontinence product leaked and caused a puddle on the classroom floor. What is Ms. Mitchyl to do? Understanding the issues surrounding incontinence for individuals with disabilities and having a plan in place to help assist these students in necessary for all teachers who work with students with incontinence issues, and is the purpose of this article.

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TEACHING Exceptional Children

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