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Reframing Library Instruction: Applying Metacognitive Pedagogy to One Shots and Beyond



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Conference Presentation

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Metacognition, or the ability to think about one’s own thinking, is being adopted across higher education. Teaching and Learning Centers are offering campus wide workshops and initiatives, nationally known speakers are being brought in, and the language is even being incorporated into QEP plans. But can these same strategies that are being embraced by subject faculty be used to assist students in the research process? The session will discuss metacognition, what it is, some of its key strategies, and how it is being applied in higher education. The presenters will provide successful (and unsuccessful) examples of metacognitive pedagogy from their own library instruction. The presenters and participants will brainstorm together, using facilitation methods, about how metacognitive strategies can add value to library instruction, even helping to address the threshold concepts of the new ACRL Framework. Extended discussion and brainstorming will surround the different levels of collaboration with faculty, helping participants create a take away list of good, better and best concrete strategies for incorporating metacognitive pedagogy into their library instruction.

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Kentucky Library Association Library Instruction Roundtable Retreat (KLA LIRT) 2016

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