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Elite universities often receive massive grants from the Federal and State Governments due to their immense amounts of research in various fields. This research helps further the efforts of academics and contributes many positive features to different realms of research. Large research grants foster even larger enrollment numbers because the size and reputation of the University grows with each new publication and contribution made by faculty.

As research expectations for university faculty increase, the competitiveness of faculty positions also increases. Faculty members are expected to produce research and are often hired for their prior research productivity (Prince, Felder, & Brent, 2007). Faculty members have been pressured to produce contributing research pertaining to their fields and, therefore, place a significant amount of importance on their research. This recurring trend regarding academic research is often justified by the claim that research enhances teaching quality and instructional delivery for the students (Prince et al., 2007).

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Association for Business Communication 2016 Annual Conference Proceedings