This article focuses on the characteristics of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and how and instructor can recognize the constraints they may have when trying to teach children of their caliber how to do gymnastics. The article will focus on teaching techniques, communication skills, and other aspects about ASD that instructors should be aware of when teaching gymnastics. These techniques are incorporated into an adapted gymnastics lesson plan to keep in mind when teaching gymnastics to children with ASD, and how to keep the child interested while participating in a difficult sport. Some techniques discussed include Responsive Teaching, use of visual aids, the use of movement therapy during the lesson, and physical fitness benefits of gymnastics for children with ASD. Some constraints the child may have include individual constraints, environmental constraints, and task constraints. The physical abilities and the motor capabilities of children with ASD are considered and suggestions given on how to deal with their physical abilities.

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Spring 4-29-2013


Marianne McAdam

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Exercise and Sport Science

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Exercise and Sport Science