The Failings of High School English Education: What Standardized Testing has done to the Classroom


Out of a group of 100 students who begin high school, only 75 will graduate from high school. Only 56 will choose to continue their education and attend college, but only 33 will actually graduate from college. This establishes a problem in preparing students for success, and that this problem is happening in high school. This project examines literature in the field of Education and English education to establish the reasons for this problem and if these issues are all equally problematic contributing to student unpreparedness. This project uses this data to establish that standardized testing is the single, larger problem leading to all of these issues. Standardized testing is the problem in high school English education because there is such a great emphasis on it as an accurate emphasis. This project explores possible solutions to this problem while establishing how standardized testing is a problem.

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Fall 12-8-2014


Jill Parrott

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English and Theatre

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