This study investigates spatial perspective taking in conjuncture with race. Four hundred participants recruited on Amazon’s MechanicalTurk took part in the study. Spatial perspective taking ability was measured through the use of photographs featuring both white and black males in different poses of embodiment, in an attempt to partially replicate the study of Tversky and Hard (2009). Both racism and empathy were also measured using the Modern Racism Scale (MRS) and the Empathy Quotient for Adults (EQ), respectively. Results revealed a relationship between embodiment and spatial perspective taking ability, supporting the findings of Tversky and Hard (2009). Results for race reveal participants were most likely to take the perspective of a black male posed to take action on an object. A clear positive relationship was also found between empathy scores and racism scores, falling in line with the findings of past research. The results of the study are indicative of the influence that race can have on one’s perspective-taking ability and the need for additional research in this area of social psychology.

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Fall 2014


Matthew P. Winslow

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