True Colors


My thesis is a creative project that is inspired by color. Color has so much power that people do not realize it has. They evoke certain emotions and memories and make you visualize certain people or objects. Color is a way for people to express themselves. I used 25 students who were divided up into small groups between 4-6 students. There were two sessions that each group had to be a part of. In the first session, the group played a game called the Game of Things. This was a way for students to get their creative juices flowing. Once they were comfortable with each other, they grabbed one color out of five total. They had just that color as their inspiration. From that color they created a fictional character. To do this, I gave them a handout with a bunch of questions to help them with the process, naming their character’s hobbies, favorite food, memory, etc. Then I took each student’s picture portraying their character. A week later in the second session, I had each student’s picture printed in black and white on three different types of material. Each student was to color their picture using their color, black, and white. They could color as much or as little on their picture as they wanted. They each had three different types of medium to color with. They are coloring on their pictures because they are going to back to what was their inspiration, their simple color.

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Spring 4-27-2012


Travis Townsend

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Art and Design

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Art and Design

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