The purpose of this study is to be able see how the Haitian government and culture impact the deaf community of Haiti. Interviews were conducted to Haitian deaf individuals, hearing Haitian spoken Creole to English interpreters, and hearing American mission staff through a questionnaire with questions that pertained to Haitian government, culture, and perspective on individuals with disabilities. In conducting this study, responses were gathered to questions related to various perspectives on the deaf community of Haiti: How does the Haitian government view the deaf community? What are the aspects of Haitian culture and how do they apply to the deaf community of Haiti? What challenges exist for the deaf community of Haiti? These questions were asked to gain a better understanding of how the government and culture influence the recognition and support of the deaf community in Haiti. The information gathered through this data collection was compiled as supporting evidence that there are only very limited resources available to support the deaf community of Haiti.

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Fall 12-10-2015


Karen Petronio

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American Sign Language and Interpreter Education

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