The art of adapting is a timeless and well-known act. The validity of adaptation as an art form is often called into question, although they remain exceedingly popular among audiences. This project sets out to discover how to successfully adapt a Jane Austen novel into a short series of video diaries. This was achieved by studying adaptation theory in general, which helped generate basic guidelines to begin working on an adaptation. Then it moved into exploring past adaptations of Austen’s work, examining what has worked and what has not. It then involved taking all the information learned from the research and applying it to an actual adaptation. First an outline was made to summarize important characters and plot points that were essential to the piece as a whole. Then scripts were written and revised. Once actors were cast, the filming process took place. Finally each episode was edited and together make up a modern adaptation of Austen’s Northanger Abbey. Through the entire process it was discovered that the question of where adaptation falls as an art form is a valid one, each side having reasonable points. On the one, adaptation is not an original idea, one must borrow another’s work in order to adapt. On the other hand, after going through the process it is clear that copious amounts of time still go into being creative, figuring out ways to adapt each character and plot point, and finally figuring out how to express them best in a new medium.

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Chad Cogdill

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