Beginning Band Pedagogy: Starting Students on the Path to Success

Jordan Riddell

Dr. Karin Sehmann, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

This research-based thesis outlines data on beginning band in order to discover an optimal method to starting band students to guarantee success in the field of music. The basis of this research is a review of current research literature, educator interviews, and a survey sent to beginning band directors. Interview responses were analyzed for consistencies among answers, and this was then applied to preexisting information from literature on the subject. Survey results were collected and analyzed, looking for trends in education and how these responses then corroborated with current literature and interview data. Beginning band pedagogy is discussed, and this thesis provides resources for educators to then apply to their classroom.

Semester/Year of Award

Spring 5-9-2016


Karin Harfst Sehmann

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Associate Dean of the College of Science

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Bachelor Thesis

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