This thesis is a comparative study of the education of two minority cultural groups who have a strong history of oppression in the American culture. This paper explores the similarities and differences in the histories of educating Native American and deaf/hard of hearing children. My original goal when I started this research project was to answer the question ‘why are residential schools for the deaf and hard of hearing still used to educate this minority group while residential schools for Native American children are not as prevalent’. However, after further research, I realized that it was not an issue of the residential schools themselves, but of funding. This thesis is seeking to compare histories, education, and achievement levels of both minority groups in order to address a larger issue: are minority students being taught in such a way that facilitates their learning? I feel that this is an important issue because the number of children in the education system belonging to minority groups in our country is on the rise. We need to be prepared to properly educate them in order to better prepare them for the workforce.

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Spring 5-14-2016


Sharon Lott

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American Sign Language and Interpreter Education

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American Sign Language and Interpreter Education