Honey bees are perhaps humanity’s most important pollinators. Although they influence an incredible number of plants that we consume every day, their contributions to mankind’s diet are often overlooked. However, this may soon cease to be the case; if honey bees continue their downward descent and disappear, the foods they pollinate will too, leaving an enormous void in their wake. One of the leading causes of honey bee loss is Colony Collapse Disorder, a mysterious phenomenon in which hives suddenly collapse, seemingly without cause. This thesis asks several questions: What is CCD? What causes it? How can it be prevented? This thesis discusses the research on the first three questions, and explains the process behind writing a novel that seeks to explain both CCD and its potential impact on our lives, and bee roles and behaviors, to better educate the next generation on honey bee issues.

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Spring 2016


Martin L. Brock

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Management, Marketing, and International Business