Gender inequality in the educational job market has been occurring in the United States since the beginning of public education. The most common and recent injustice in public education is the process of feminization (female dominance) in the classroom and male dominance in educational leadership. Though the societal norm is changing to a more egalitarian view on gender, the educational standard has yet to catch up.

The United States’ educational system has a history of oppressing women and promoting men over women. Kentucky has followed this trend and in some ways is slower to progress like the rest of the United States. Through acts such as the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has moved to a more appropriate approach to achieving gender equality in the classroom and school boards. With the knowledge of the history of discrimination in education, the current evidence of feminization and male dominance, and the importance of a gender equal classroom and on school board, the issue of gender equality in the education system can be addressed.

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Spring 5-9-2016


Ginni C. Fair

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