This honors thesis is made up of two parts. The first part of the work is research based and is comprised of a survey. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the priorities of music teachers when instructing beginning students in the classroom. Throughout the study, the guiding questions were: How important is creativity through music at the beginning level, are beginning band books considered to be good for the development of a musician, and are routines in musicianship considered to be helpful for the building of musician-like qualities. The results of this study show that directors and musicians think that creativity at the beginning level of band is inconsequential in relation to the elements of music, and often occurs whenever the students develop it in time. To further illustrate the results of the study, the second portion of the thesis work is a composition of music written solely with the priorities revealed in the study. The composition is comprised of techniques used currently in beginning band books, which are designed to teach students to play their perspective instrument. Building the techniques to fit in a piece of music illustrates the need for creativity at a young age. Using the results of this study in the beginning band classroom could mean the improvement of creativity and individual expression through music at an earlier age.

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Fall 2016


Nathan Jasinski

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