Elementary school is a pivotal time during a child’s development in cognition, social behaviors and relationships, and development of self. For students who may have significant academic disabilities, resulting in a diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disorder, this time can be more difficult than their “typical” learning peers. Intervention techniques have been developed and implemented; however, academic success is defined as increased standardized test scores. Little research has been done regarding these students’ emotional and social success within their prescribed intervention technique. It is the aim of this study to strive to understand the voices of students with specific learning disabilities and see how their educational experience as a whole compare to those of their peers without specific learning disorders. It was found that few universal themes could be drawn, but inner group comparisons could be made, in addition to interesting insights among individual themes. This was a semi-structured interview of seven students at a local semi-private elementary school.

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Fall 2016


Myra Beth Bundy

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