How does the technology people work with influence their perception of work/the world? For this study, we looked at employee locus of control, time orientation, work stress, and satisfaction at work (measured by Job Descriptive Index), and the age, perceived era, and reliability of technology in the workplace. This survey involved 225 working adults on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. We ran a series of correlations to explore the relationship between the employee variables (locus of control, time orientation, work stress, and satisfaction at work) and the variables for technology in the workplace (age, era, and reliability). We found that the Reliability of technology at work was positively correlated with all of the employee variables, perceived Era was correlated with people, promotion, tasks at work, and work in general, and the actual age of technology was not correlated with anything. Therefore, the reliability of the machines at work is more important than age/perceived age at determining worker stress, satisfaction, and locus of control.

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Spring 5-8-2017


Jonathan S. Gore

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