Immigration in the European Union (E.U.) has been a key focus for policy makers since the beginnings of European integration with the European Coal and Steel Communities. The increase in migration to and throughout E.U. member states has also correlated with an increase in terror attacks, fraudulent passport usage, and a lack of information on the movement of immigrants once in the E.U. Many of these issues have been blamed upon the lack of infrastructure and technological updates needed to keep up with the flow of immigrants.

This project analyzes the history of the immigration in the E.U. and also the policy making structures of the E.U. Commission to create a new policy to aid in the aforementioned complaints. This policy, based on the ideas of France’s Carte Vitale (Brieu) and advanced by the technology of Gemalto’s “epassports” (Gemalto, 2014), would follow the structure of a Green Paper in the E.U. (McCormick, 2015) which could be edited to fit the needs of individual member states.

The plan creates and implements a chipped smart card to replace existing traditional book passports. The cost to update existing software for the card and install card readers at passport control desks would be minimal in comparison to the overall saved money, added protection, and simplified process.

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