Previous research has shown 2, 5 Dimethylfuran is a highly selective biomarker for active smokers and for detecting exposure levels in breath of passive smokers in an environment where smoking has occurred. The purpose of this research paper is to find an association between 2, 5 Dimethylfuran and adult asthma.

Survey Data:

NHANES survey data provided annual data from over 5,000 participants nationally based on their age, race, gender, and region of residence. The surveys involve individual interviews (phone, online or in person) and physical examinations given in a mobile examination center (MEC).


The SAS 9.4 statistical program was used for analysis of descriptive statistics, and logistic regression hypothesis-testing.


The gender, age, BMI, and family history-adjusted logistic regression model (p <0.0001) indicated that, for each unit increase in log10 [blood dimethyl furan], the participants had 0.12 higher odds of being diagnosed with asthma (p-value = 0.0013).


Several cited research studies have supported 2, 5 Dimetylfuran as a significant biomarker for smoking. Our study used this biomarker to associate tobacco smoke exposure with adult-onset asthma in an adjusted logistic regression model.

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Fall 12-14-2017


James P Klyza

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Environmental Health Science

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