The Course-Embedded Consultant Program at the Noel Studio serves first-year writing students in developmental courses. Consultants working in the program undergo extensive training in order to prepare them to mentor and teach the students they work with. This requires constant evaluation and innovation. As the student coordinator of the cohort, I implemented three tools at the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester: more purposeful cultural humility training, reworked professional development programs, and a Google Spreadsheet for each consultant to use. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the pilot semester of these tools and give suggestions for improvements in future semesters. This evaluation was done by giving the CECs a survey. Overall, the feedback was mostly positive, with definite areas for improvement. In the discussion, I present some suggestions given by the participants, as well as elaborate on areas I saw as weak.

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Fall 12-15-2017


Clint Stivers

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Noel Studio for Academic Creativity

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