Whether or not abortion should be permissible is a debate that college students feel strongly about– enough to join clubs and organizations in support of their respective sides and to attend rallies and protests for their cause. The debate about pregnancy rights and the morality of abortion are so individually personal that, as a result, beliefs about abortion are widely debated and it is hard and rare to find an equal representation of both sides. “Theatre that tackles specific contemporary social or political issues – with the aim of leading to or encouraging some type of change – has very deep roots around the world. It takes many forms and is found in many contexts” (Greig 47).

Through collaboration with my mentor, I have chosen to craft a creative research thesis in the form of a play script, inspired and informed by my research studying the ethical debates about abortion, theatrical plot, convention, and form to write a play script which presents a truthful representation of the perspectives of fictional characters and their varied vantage-points on pregnancy and abortion choices. By readdressing the delicate issues of pregnancy and abortion, particularly from the perspective of college-aged female characters, I intend to propose that perhaps the solution to “finding peace” amongst warring opinions on this topic is simply to empathize with one another, and the best way to achieve this is through theatre.

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Spring 2018


Alana Ghent

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English and Theatre

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English and Theatre

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