Forensic science is constantly evolving as new techniques to analyze evidence are proposed, as well as new types of evidence being collected at a crime scene which will require further analysis. Polymer evidence that is found at a crime scene can be analyzed through different analytical methods and by utilizing different instrumentation. Developing a reproducible method that can be used to generate a database is of utmost importance in the field of forensic science. Databases serve as a comparison tool that allows an analyst to determine whether the unknown piece of evidence is originated from a known sample. Hence, here we report a reproducible method for a polymer that is widely used, such as plastic sandwich bags, and then applying the same method to other polymer evidence like contact lenses. Further, these methods stress the need of communication between manufacturers and the forensic science field to ensure that the method continues to be reproducible based on the composition of material that is stated by the company.

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Fall 2018


Lori J. Wilson; Radhika Dasari

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