The music industry has become increasingly digital over the past two decades. Music sales take place predominantly online, which comes with both threats and opportunities. While the digital world increases risk of intellectual property theft, social media adds a new dimension to marketing that increases the ability to converse and engage with fans. Social media and engagement has been shown to be more important than non-interactive contact to boost an artist’s popularity.

This project argues that well-crafted social media strategies of independent musicians, recorded music professionals, and live music professionals increase the fan base of these entrepreneurs. Survey data demonstrates that entrepreneurial music ventures can engage fans on social media in a crowded marketplace. Beyond these descriptive quantitative results, this study also shows that there is a correlation between effective social media practices and creative satisfaction. Results of this study may help inform others on how the relationship between artists and fans helps promotion, engagement and artistic satisfaction.

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Fall 11-28-2018


Joseph Carucci

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