The purpose of this study is to analyze peoples’ opinions, specifically, current college students’ and opinions of those related to athletics including coaches, administrators, and student-athletes. I recruited 70 current college students that have been a part of at least one team, 13 coaches, and 2 administrators to have an in-depth interview. Overall, there is a difference in exemplariness between coaches that gained an insight on their players, and coaches being the same sex as their players. However, there is no difference between exemplariness and ethnicity. I did not find out what makes an exemplary coach. I did find that there are a number of characteristics that most people agree on when they are asked to describe an exemplary coach. The findings of this study supported and added to the literature on this topic because it can help current and future coaches improve their skills and become an exemplary coach.

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Spring 2019


Michael W. Austin

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Philosophy and Religion

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