Collaboration among professionals is an essential component of deaf education. As a student at Eastern Kentucky University studying Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education, I have become aware of the importance of collaboration among professionals, and how it should occur. Based on this understanding, I decided to conduct some interviews and created a survey in order to see if the collaboration I was learning about in my studies was actually occurring in deaf education classrooms. Before engaging in my research, I created a Venn Diagram depicting the three main professionals of deaf education, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and educators of the deaf. The Venn Diagram displayed the individual goals of each professional, as well as the collaborative goals of the professionals and overall goal of deaf education. My research found that unlike I had suspected, the collaboration outlined in the Venn Diagram was not occurring in the deaf education classrooms, and therefore the overall goal of deaf education was not being met.

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Spring 5-5-2019


Michelle A. Gremp

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Special Education

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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies