A Bold Impact: How Printmaking Shaped the Early Modern World

James H. Hunt Professor David Afsah-Mohallatee

Abstract Description: This research project sought to answer the question of how wood-block printing allowed people to reproduce a wide variety of images - such as newspaper illustrations, portraits, and political leaflets - during the early modern period. To investigate this question, I examined numerous primary source artworks and conducted secondary source research, and then I used historical tools, methods, and materials to produce a series of wood-block plates. These plates were used to produce a series of printed artistic images with several types of ink and substrates. In the process of creating these plates and images I discovered that the type of images produced varied based on the thickness and type of wood used, the type of tools used for carving, the type of ink used, and the substrate onto which the plate was printed. This information, along with my analysis of primary and secondary sources, led me to the conclusion that the variety of images that were produced through wood-block printing in the early modern period was the result of the use of a wide variety of materials and techniques.

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Spring 2019


David Afsah-Mohallatee

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Art and Design

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History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

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