“The Show Must Go On” is a phrase often used in the theater arts community after something unexpected happens but the play or musical must continue. An appropriate title to this thesis, which argues that theater programs are necessary in communities and schools. As budgets within schools and communities continue to be cut, the arts are often the first on the list to go. The show, meaning theater programs, must continue because they provide many skills for children. This thesis is rooted in qualitative research involving theater groups in schools and communities around the world, focusing on school age children (Grades K-12). The benefits include but are not limited to creative thinking skills, emotional development, and collaboration skills. These skills are a great asset for the child to take with them outside of the realm of theater and into their futures. These reasonings inspired the creation of the documentary “The Show Must Go On”. The documentary highlights theater companies and actors in the Central/Eastern Kentucky area. Children and their theater teachers were interviewed about their experience in theater and how it has helped them. Coupled with research and interviews, the documentary explores the benefits of theater programs for children.

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Spring 2019


Chad Cogdill

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