There is an overall lack of resources for LGBTQ+ people, especially young people who are in need of resources the most. These resources are of paramount importance to college students because of the unique challenges they face stemming from their LGBTQ+ identities and age. Colleges and universities in the state of Kentucky provide varying amounts and quality of resources and present themselves as LGBT-friendly, or not, to varying degrees. This study analyzes resources for LGBTQ+ students on each public and private college campus in Kentucky by determining the school’s overall attitude toward LGBTQ+ identity, what LGBT-specific resources and organizations the campus offers, and how easily accessible those resources are. The study concludes that large, public universities are most likely to provide resources and foster an LGBT-friendly environment and that private, religiously affiliated colleges are most likely to be anti-LGBT and provide no resources to LGBTQ+ students.

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Fall 2019


Judah Schept

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Justice Studies

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Justice Studies