Does birth order have an order on your life? This is a topic that is highly debated in the research world. There is much evidence for it as well as much evidence against it. This thesis looks at what research says about birth order in general and specifically how it can affect peoples’ personalities, family chemistry, relationships, and academic intelligence. Research was then conducted to test what research says and see how birth order correlates with personality characteristics and life choices for a group of two-hundred and fifty-three people from the Kentucky area. A survey with twelve questions was sent out where each respondent selected how many siblings they had, where they fell in their family in terms of birth order, and their gender. Questions were created from current research on the subject and answers were hypothesized for each birth order position. Many answers aligned with research, but no clear evidence for or against the influence of birth order was made.

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Fall 2019


Jade Hill Robinson, Ph.D, CCC-SLP

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Educational Leadership, Counselor Education, and Communication Disorders

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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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