Instagram is a widely popular social networking site, engaging users of all ages. Adolescents, in particular, are at the forefront of this user engagement. This social networking platform has a multitude of uses and gratifications associated with it, which capture the attention of adolescents from all backgrounds. The current project investigated previously conducted studies and literature in combination with its own research project to investigate Instagram and its uses. This study explores adolescents’ uses of Instagram in comparison to the theories of the Technology Acceptance Model, the Uses and Gratifications Theory, and the Big-Five Personality model. This research aims to determine if there is a direct correlation between the ways in which one engages with Instagram and their personality type. Within this study, adolescents who were low in extroversion and adolescents who were high in neuroticism were hypothesized to use Instagram more frequently. A series of confirmatory analyses and exploratory analyses were conducted to understand the correlation between these three theories.

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Fall 2019


Dan Florell

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