Due to the September 11th attacks, the Bush administration used the media as a vehicle to disseminate information that was in their favor to the American public. The Bush administration would use the climate created by the September 11th attacks to justify military conquest in the Middle East, in the hopes of securing oil. The Bush administration manipulated the media, in efforts to persuade the American public. As the result of the Bush administration’s manipulation of the media, the media would then begin to sensationalize terrorist reports. The sensationalizing of terrorist reports by the media would lead to a change in American culture. Today, terrorism is a highly popular topic in American culture. There has been a consumer market created that is heavily focused on terrorism and is present in American films and video games. A symbiotic relationship between the media and terrorist has also been formed too. The media and terrorist feed off of each other because they exploit one another for their objective gains. Not only does media terrorism reinforce a culture of stereotypes and fear that legitimates the political violence that is produced by state actors, it also plays a role in perpetuating political violence between non state actors.

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Dr. Shannon Williams

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