This thesis project is an in depth look at the criminality occurring within the healthcare system in the United States, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry . The major types of crimes typically found in this system is identified, as well as a theoretical approach as to why crimes in the field occur. This project also utilizes a case study method to identify two large scale and recent examples of criminality in healthcare. These examples are prime candidates to enlighten readers on healthcare crime. The first case analyzes the price gouging of Turing Pharmaceutical, and how the company took steps to ensure the monopolization of a drug called daraprim. The second case focuses on the lawsuit the state of Oklahoma brought up against pharmaceutical corporation, Johnson and Johnson. In this case Johnson and Johnson was found liable for the role they played in contributing to and creating the drug epidemic in the United States. This case is substantial for the precedent it sets for any future lawsuits that are similar. Also touched upon is the current monopolization and price gouging of insulin. The best solution for a problem of this magnitude will be difficult to find. The best solution for now is to raise public awareness of the issue.

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Spring 5-4-2020


Victoria Collins

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Department of Justice Studies

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