The concept of teaching for each student’s needs is called differentiated instruction. For students with autism in the general music classroom, differentiated instruction has received limited attention from researchers and practitioners. Although teacher education programs do include a review of special education resources and needs, music teacher education programs do not always include intensive study of accommodation for students with special needs that specifically apply to the music classroom. One strategy music teachers can use for differentiating education for their learners with disabilities is the process of Orff Schulwerk instruction. Orff Schulwerk is an approach, originally and commonly used in the general music classroom, that focuses on organic learning techniques to build confident and dynamic learners. With the rising prevalence of students with autism in the classroom, music educators must be able to properly differentiate their teaching for these students. Music educators can create inclusive classrooms and content by utilizing the Orff Schulwerk approach as often as possible in their curriculum; however, this pedagogical idea is often not practiced.

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Spring 5-2020


Nicola F. Mason

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Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

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