The transition from high school to college is often challenging for college students. The change in culture can be remarkable, as well as the new independence and responsibility a student faces. The new pressures added to students can lead to challenges in their mental health. This thesis examines universal and individual changes RAs may implement on their floors to promote positive mental health practices for all their residents. The academic core of this thesis is the analysis of data from a Housing and Residence survey of Eastern Kentucky University’s resident population. An additional element of this thesis is the inclusion of my own personal experience as a Resident Advisor. Because like everyone, RAs learn much of their abilities through experience, in italics, I offer my own personal experiences using fictionalized students and situations. My hope is these italicized sections enrich the academic nature of this thesis.

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Spring 5-3-2020


Kelli Carmean

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Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work

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Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work