Throughout the Old Testament it can often be noticed that the character of God himself changes in the way he is portrayed and acts in accordance with the world or in relationships with his followers. These differences in portrayal can be seen from one book of the Old Testament to the next or even from paragraph to paragraph. In this paper it is argued that these changes can be attributed to a gradual transition to transcendence in the development of God’s personality as described or portrayed by his followers over time. Evidence of this transition can be seen in God’s anthropologic traits, psychological traits, and a transition from polytheistic to monotheistic worship of God throughout the Old Testament. Clear correlations of these factors can be seen in the Old Testament based on when the original source material was written, the material must simply be identified and analyzed. It is through this idea of evolution to transcendence which people may be able to read the Bible with a new perspective as to why these various changes in God occur.

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Fall 2020


Todd Gooch

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Philosophy and Religion

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