Although the stories of Arthurian legend are hundreds of years old, the themes and topics that move the plot are archetypal and, as such, echo current issues that still need commentary in today’s society. Likewise, The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is one of the most prominent narrative continuities from the twenty-first century and reflects elements of the Arthurian tales. Despite spanning vastly different times and cultures, the Arthurian legends and the MCU share similar structures, themes, and characters. Just as the times and environments of the two stories have changed, so too has the commentary surrounding these common elements. By studying the commonalities between the two sagas, I hope to examine how far society has come on the issues revealed in both stories. In order to accomplish this, I will focus my discussion on three areas. The storytelling format of both the Arthurian legends and the MCU to compare how both plots unravel in a cyclical format that connects them. Second, I will discuss the main themes and characters in the stories and outline the close relationship between the stories of King Arthur and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Finally, I will analyze how women are represented in Arthurian legends and the MCU.

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Fall 11-28-2020


Dr. Gerald Nachtwey

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Management, Marketing, and International Business

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