The following writing is a personal account of my ment of Art and Design experiences in the journey taken with the Tarot. Included this narrative, is a description of my learning process and development of an interpretation of the cards, as well as the creative aspect of this project: developing a set of Major Arcana cards. Additional descriptions of the history and use of the Tarot, ideas and opinions about the cards, and explanations of technical and creative elements of processes surrounding the Tarot have been given for my audience to create a complete understanding of my subject. This writing focuses on questions that arise in the process of leaning how to use the Tarot.

In this work I focus on answering many personal questions about aspects such as where the Tarot fits into my life, how I choose to use and interpret the Tarot, and how the Tarot is relevant to me and my work as an artist. I also discuss general questions surrounding the Tarot including its definition, uses, history, interpretations, and meanings.

Semester/Year of Award

Spring 2013


David Asfah-Mohallatee

Mentor Department Affiliation

Art and Design

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Art and Design

thesisprint1.jpg (146 kB)
I The Magician

thesisprint2.jpg (345 kB)
II The Popess

thesisprint3.jpg (319 kB)
III The Empress

thesisprint4.jpg (315 kB)
IV The Emperor

thesisprint5.jpg (318 kB)
V The Pope

thesisprint6.jpg (298 kB)
VI The Lovers

thesisprint7.jpg (393 kB)
VII The Chariot

thesisprint8.jpg (297 kB)
VIII Strength

thesisprint9.jpg (355 kB)
IX The Hermit

thesisprint10.jpg (324 kB)
X The Wheel of Fortune

thesisprint11.jpg (305 kB)
XI Justice

thesisprint12.jpg (304 kB)
XII The Hanged Man

thesisprint13.jpg (268 kB)
XIII Death

thesisprint14.jpg (259 kB)
XIV Temperance

thesisprint15.jpg (344 kB)
XV The Devil

thesisprint16.jpg (341 kB)
XVI The Tower

thesisprint17.jpg (319 kB)
XVII The Star

thesisprint18.jpg (282 kB)
XVIII The Moon

thesisprint19.jpg (254 kB)
XIX The Sun

thesisprint20.jpg (309 kB)
XX Judgment

thesisprint21.jpg (432 kB)
XXI The World