For years, aviation industry experts have warned of a looming pilot shortage in our nation’s air transportation system. As outreach efforts have yielded positive results in recruiting pilots, many flight training programs have seen unprecedented increases in enrollment. Eastern Kentucky University is no exception. Partly because of this industry wide growth, the price of acquiring, maintaining, and fueling aircraft goes up each year. As a flight training program grows and resources become scarcer, it is incumbent upon the governing body to maintain control over tangible assets and human assets for the interest of all stakeholders. Through analysis of historical and current data, it is determined the utilization rate of EKU’s fleet of training aircraft is 16.68%. An understanding of the reasons behind the fleet’s utilization rates will allow for changes in scheduling & efficiency and their effects to be weighed. Further, recommendations of improving scheduling and new programs are made to increase efficiency while maximizing the quality of instruction students receive.

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Spring 5-3-2021


Dennis J. Sinnett

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Applied Engineering and Technology

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Applied Engineering and Technology



Figure1GilbertErica.png (214 kB)
EKU Aviation weather minima for private pilot students.

Figure2GilbertErica.png (221 kB)
EKU Aviation Weather minima for instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII, and MEI students.

Figure3GilbertErica.png (754 kB)
2020 4th Quarter Flight Data.

Figure4GilbertErica.png (516 kB)
2018 3rd quarter to 2020 4th quarter cancellation data.

Figure5GilbertErica.png (992 kB)
EKU aircraft weekly utilization rates.

Figure6GilbertErica.png (538 kB)
Quarterly Utilization Rates and training hours flown.

Figure7GilbertErica.png (354 kB)
Quarterly Cancellation Hours.

Figure8GilbertErica.png (552 kB)
Utilization with trendline, COVID effected months removed.