Over the past year, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted every aspect of our lives. The entire world saw mass shortages and shutdowns all through 2020. While 2021 has seen an exponential increase in vaccine distribution, the new variants of COVID have been running rampant through the United Kingdom and the United States. How does all of this impact our supply chains across all industries? This thesis will explore the basic foundations of supply chain management and the year-long history of COVID-19. Additionally, this thesis will discuss the current scholarly opinions regarding COVID-19’s impact on supply chains for products such as meat, personal protective equipment (PPE), and hand sanitizer, as well as ways to overcome these problems organizations have faced. Using the aforementioned current scholarly opinions as well as the primary research collected, this thesis will argue that the most effective way to avoid mass shutdowns of supply chains and shortages of essential goods is to limit the federal government’s regulatory overreach and to allow state and local governments the power to oversee supply chains for items such as meat and hand sanitizer.

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Spring 2021


James Kirby Easterling

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Management, Marketing, and International Business