The following short story follows main characters, William and Ophelia, through the trials and tribulations of dealing with the difficulties of the journey to successfully conceiving a child. After years of trying multiple methods, the couple finally becomes pregnant with twins. After successfully birthing the twin girls, one of them, Elsie, does not make it and the nurse has to deliver the news. The couple deals with infant loss; and therefore, faces loss of identity, stress on their relationship, and depression. William and Ophelia must deal with this heavy loss in order to be strong for and take care of the twin girl that did make it, Jane. They are up for the challenge, but both face mental health issues in the process of trying to hide the pain utilizing unhealthy mechanisms to cope. The other main character, Nurse Genevieve, goes through a traumatic loss as well. The story explores her loss of identity, as well as her motivations behind her actions. Infant loss is a traumatic event that can lead to loss of identity, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. This short story takes a bit of a unique point of view, switching between different character’s first-person point of view with each new chapter.

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Spring 2021


Christina Lovin

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English and Theatre

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