As seen in the progress of mobile devices since their inception, mobile forensics is in a state where it is consistently trying to keep up with a target that is quickly advancing. And because mobile phones are reaching or have reached the point where they can perform on the same level as computers when it comes to digital crimes, being able to know what the obstacles are and that they can be overcome are important. In which the goal of this research is to delve further into the obstacles of digital forensics in relation to keeping up with mobile devices. While the technological aspects of technology related to mobile devices are seen as being the biggest challenges, the field of mobile forensics is also affected by the challenges that are associated with the need to keep and maintain training in examiners to even the legal system that influences the actions of those involved in this field. While mobile devices have changed and unearthed new challenges in the field of mobile forensics, mobile forensics has shown and will be able to keep up with the changes in mobile devices despite the challenges it faces by the diversity of devices, the examiner themselves, the implementation of new technology, and laws and regulations.

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Spring 2021


Shuangteng Zhang

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Computer Science

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Computer Science and Information Technology

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