The Hispanic Latino population is the fastest growing ethnic population that is experiencing barriers to receive healthcare. Throughout my Honors Thesis I will identify: the lack of resources in Central Kentucky pertaining to healthcare, the flaws in our healthcare system that are affecting our Latino Community, the need for healthcare professionals with bilingual competency, and how PA’s can better serve our Latino Community. I will be using research and my experience through service learning with a Physician Assistant in the local Latino community to critically analyze the current situation and provide data-driven solutions. The purpose of bringing this topic to Eastern Kentucky University is to bring awareness to current underserved Latino community and to research intentional and strategic solutions. “What is causing the Latino population to not be given all of the resources needed in this country?” “What can we do to move our humanity towards an equality in healthcare rights?” These questions will be answered through the usage of examples, data, and first-hand experience. In the future I plan to attend PA school and continue to further my research. Ultimately, the end goal is to use my research and experiences to work with Physician Assistants and doctors to build a facility that is geared towards minorities and their needs.

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Fall 2021


Abbey Poffenberger

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Languages, Cultures, and Humanities

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Language and Cultural Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology

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Languages, Cultures, and Humanities