In the Mood- Choosing a Style

Marie Banderman

Dr. Joyce Hall Wolf

School of Music, Department of Voice

The purpose of this thesis is to provide insight into music history, its musical eras’ styles, and its composers. It explores both how each musical style evolved throughout time, as well as the mixing of individual styles. This project takes various melodies and reharmonizes them to sound as though they were written in the style of other distinct musical eras. It supplied an introduction to music and its role in societies, a history of musical eras and composers, and finally the process of creating arrangements for the chosen melodies. This creative project uniquely alters one’s musical expectations by presenting known melodies in various styles that would not ordinarily be exhibited. In all aspects, it is an extremely informative project focused on reimagining music and choosing a style. The process of this creative thesis is detailed as follows: Study of music history, study of specific musical eras’ composers, analyzation of example pieces and chosen melodies, and the improvisation and recording of performed reharmonized melodies.

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Fall 11-29-2021


Joyce Hall Wolf

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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