Social anxiety disorder and shyness share many overlapping features, leading to debate over where they become distinctive from each other. The theory of a shyness and social anxiety continuum has been suggested, depicting shyness on one end and social anxiety disorder as the more severe and maladaptive opposite end. Considering additional factors such as comorbidity and cultural differences, school based interventions can be implemented as a preventative and treatment measure for social anxiety across the continuum. Multiple intervention methods are utilized across school based interventions, and of eleven interventions specifically analyzed, it was found that the interventions are most often universal and seen most frequently for children between the ages of 7-12. The interventions also usually last 10-12 weeks in duration and utilize play-based methods to target coping and social skill development. The combination of methods used most frequently could allow for the development of a framework for future school-based interventions targeting social anxiety.

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Fall 2021


Dan Florell

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