Student films are unfortunately notorious for two things: extremely limited resources and often intentional disregard of regulatory “red tape” intended to keep students safe. To determine the implications of both at a time where individual safety has become more important than ever, this project explores through a student narrative film production the requirements, precedents, compromises, legal ramifications/liabilities, and certifications necessary to keep the cameras rolling in a COVID and post-COVID environment.

With budgets already tight, can students take all the necessary precautions to keep their team healthy while still producing a professional and meaningful narrative short film? How will these changes affect the film industry now and going forward? This project seeks to demonstrate the most effective implementation for proceeding safely with student film production – which will be based on the first-hand experience of producing the redemptive crime drama, “Once a Thief,” as this project’s creative component.

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Fall 2021


Chad C. Cogdill

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Management, Marketing, and International Business