One of the most common sport injuries and over all knee injuries is the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL. Finding the most efficient methods of recovery is an important part of ACL research. There are many risks that increase the chance of obtaining an injury to the ACL. The risks can include genetics, gender, and different types of joint movement. The risk of injury can sometimes be prevented through different types of prevention programs, but not all risks can be adjusted to avoid injury. After an intervention, commonly a reconstructive surgery individuals begin their rehabilitation process. During rehabilitation there are different types of modalities that can be used to aide in the recovery process. Several of the modalities that are used to assist in the rehabilitation process are prehabilitation, blood flow restriction therapy, and proper bracing techniques. By using these modalities, the goal is regaining strength to return to pre-injury activities. It on average takes anywhere from twelve to eighteen months to fully recover from the injury. The use of accelerated rehabilitation programs can lead to weaker muscles and possibly more injuries. The goal of the rehabilitation process is to avoid any more injuries to the area. Those who choose to not have reconstructive surgery have a higher rate of secondary injuries.

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