This thesis paper acknowledges a need in both the business world and agricultural world. With a rise in environmental struggles, there is a need for urban communities in America to establish a sustainable source for healthy foods. A major driving factor is the food insecurity crisis within inner-city neighborhoods who are highly populated. A lack of grocery stores and a far proximity from food markets leads to inaccessibility to nutritious fruits and vegetables, which can cause numerous mental and physical struggles. The hydroponics system of gardening is the solution to solve this problem. Hydroponics is the growth of produce without the use of soil; its sustainable and accessible nature makes it a more viable solution over soil-based gardening for use in urban communities. By using the Business Model Canvas from Osterwalder and Pigneur (2010), this paper dives into all stages of creating a business structure to implement a hydroponic gardening system within urban neighborhoods. The business plan not only shows how it can make a profit, but also how it can give back to these struggling communities.

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Spring 2022


Thomas M. Martin

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