To understand the sexuality of the European colonist to the new world, we need to understand who the people were that came over, why they did, and then place those actions in perspective of human history. We see that the first European explorers of North America were all men. Women didn’t come over until it was time to colonize(Himelfarb). There’s a reason for that it challenges my ideology as a feminist, which is the essential elements, the immutable facts of the differences between the sexes. On the grand scale, as much as I want to deny it, there are some major differences between the human sexes that have formed our cultural world. We will find that the differences are not so much immutable as evolutionary, that they were a residue of the process of human development. The differences between sexes stem from biology, but are not, themselves, biological. Patriarchy is an evolved side effect of Bateman’s principle; oppression of women is a particular expression of male competition.

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