This honors thesis researched the current dental standing of Kentucky compared to the other US States in a variety of factors. The information collected was compared to the national average dental health and will be used to expand on the statewide education on dental health. A wide range of demographics were be surveyed from across the state to get the most accurate representation of the true population. The survey included questions regarding the participants background dental information and social statuses. Also included were questions regarding county of residence, income, race, age, gender, consumption of certain foods and drinks, status of dental insurance, frequency of brushing and flossing, and comfort with seeing a dentist. This information was collated and used to determine which factors of the participant’s lives were contributing the most to their dental health. Through this thesis project, it was found that the studied sample had better dental health than the national average and determined that the stereotypes of Kentucky dental health could be inaccurate, disproving our hypothesis. However, the sample size and the irregular data of this sample may have contributed to skewing the data and not accurately representing the state of Kentucky.

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Fall 11-28-2022


Oliver Oakley

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Biological Sciences

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Bachelor Thesis

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Biological Sciences

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