Reading aloud is presented today in our world as skill that is needed for enjoyment and a pleasure for our children. The true benefits of reading aloud are often pushed under the rug and just seen as something that is useful for younger children and loses value over time. This is in fact the opposite of what advantages it provides to the development of their minds and the trajectory that it can help set towards success in their life. In today’s world screens and technology are becoming more prevalent in everyday life and earlier into the lives of children. Emerging technologies can prove to be resourceful in many different areas of our lives but the education and shaping of a child’s mind from birth to early childhood is not the place for it. Children are not engaged, they do not build connections, they are not calmed down by, nor challenged to grow by screens. The implementation of reading aloud can be done at both school and the home by working it into pockets of time where teachers and parents can engage with the children. When children are constantly exposed to reading aloud, they are receiving emotional and intellectual benefits that those without it do not gain. Throughout this research and course, it is the hope that this aids many parents and teachers to see the true beauty behind sitting down with their child and reading a book together.

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Fall 11-8-2022


Emily L. Zuccaro

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Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

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Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership